This product just keeps serving as a superhero for potential development runoff recipients. Hydro International has been developing products that are, quite frankly, preserving national treasures and has recently been approved by the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) as an effective BMP for removing 80% TSS statewide in Georgia.

For more about the ARC:

Now, Georgia is not the first nationally to approve the stormwater treatment alternative. New Jersey has been a national pioneer in their support for the treatment system that is quickly gaining favor among engineers across North America.

Beyond local approval, global use of the Up- Flo filter has been aiding in national pride in New Zealand for years. Here’s a story  about the The Hauraki Gulf: One of New Zealand’s most precious national treasures and motivation for conservation of its vast diversity of birds, plants and aquatic life. Due to increasing pressures from population growth, an expanding port and international events, concern about the Gulf has been surmounting for the last three decades. Implementation of the Up-Flo filter exceeded stormwater requirements and was able to provide a solution for a shallow drainage system with low headloss. More about the case study:

Over 8,000 miles away from New Zealand, Hydo International comes to the rescue again in Russia’s far northwest.  The Murmansk region is home to a number of rivers that feed the Barents Sea basin. Part of the Murmansk region has a highly developed infrastructure and a number of industrial zones that power the regional economy. The main industries are chemical processing and mining, which have arduously processed local fields of rock minerals and ores. The heavy industrial output of this area has been negatively impacting local rivers with chemical processing, ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy and rare materials processing discharging contaminants into local waters that damage natural ecosystems. The problem is that rainfall picks up coal and contaminants from this area and spreads it around. An Up-Flo filter was installed and applied site specific dosing to increase the settling of coal dust and the treatment concept was a complete success.

We will be seeing this treatment solution as an approved method of 80% TSS removal in the Georgia Blue book very soon. Circling back around to the great news for local designers, jurisdictions and owners alike is that this global solution is being implemented and approved as we continue to improve the built environment and to convey more value to its owners through collaboration, transparency and progress!