Although it is essential for life on Earth, water can become a serious pain when it causes significant property damage. Water is the expert at seeping into the areas of our home most vulnerable to water damage and causing the most mayhem possible. Results of this can be devastating both physically to the home and financially to the owner. Property owners must be diligent in protecting their property from the environment. As water damage experts, we can find the root cause of your drainage issues before the problem becomes unmanageable. If left unresolved, standing water can eventually lead to mold, mildew, and structural problems. All these issues can lead to major reconstruction and a large bill, neither of which anyone wants.

As experienced engineers and hydrologists, we are able to determine the source of your problem as well as the best solution possible. To identify if you have a drainage problem in your home, look for the following warning signs:

• Houses Built at the Bottom of a Hill
• Soggy, Wet Yards
• Yard Erosion
• Crawl Space Water Damage
• Basement Water Damage
• Seepage from the Side of a Hill
• Surface Water Drainage from or onto a Neighbor’s Property
• Storm Flooding in Heavy Rains

Nearly all common drainage problems are familiar to homeowners with a house that sits at the bottom of a hill. If your house is at the bottom of a hill and you have been experiencing drainage issues, all is not lost. When purchasing a home that sits at a lower elevation than the surrounding homes, request that a qualified water damage expert inspect the storm water drainage and preemptively identify and solve the problem. Doing this now will be beneficial down the road, allowing you to live more care-free and less accident prone.

When buying a home, most people are focused on kitchen appliances and wood floors, but the exterior of the house and yard are equally important considerations. The storm water must be collected and led away from the property to a suitable outlet, a primary task that civilogistix professionals can accomplish for you.