Here in Georgia, we’ve seen the affects of many strong storms, tornadoes, hurricanes, and floods. Many insurance companies will cover the damages caused by winds and storms, but not flooding, so a water damage claim can often become an expensive and time-consuming ordeal. This is where we Civil Engineers at Civilogistix can step in and save the day.

After the water damage occurs, the first thing to do is try to stop all water flow and leaks as soon as possible. Remove any pools of water that have collected and start drying all the wet areas to help prevent any further damage. These types of natural disasters can cause catastrophic structural damage to homes and other infrastructure. Our expert assessment can determine what damage was caused by wind and what was caused by water. With our focus in structural discipline, we will provide expert investigation and witness testimony during litigation.
The insurance company must begin investigating any water damage claims within 15 days after receiving written notice. This is the time you will need to conduct your own investigation, and Civilogistix is here to help. Using our knowledge of the building process and building codes, along with our contractor relationships, we will conduct a skilled forensic investigation to determine the original cause of damage to your home or business.
During our investigation we look for signs of structural damage such as cracking, tilting, separation of walls, or buckling floors. Then the next step is determining what caused these symptoms to appear. Oftentimes the cause could be a disruption in the water table creating sinkholes or erosion. We will also investigate whether an outside force such as neighboring construction could have caused the structural corrosion. We will then use our findings to create the best possible outcome for you and your structure.