Increased attention has been placed on mold and water damage due to the serious health risks attached. This amplified awareness has resulted in an increased amount of claims of both personal injuries and property damage against developers, contractors, and landlords. This increased rate has caused more precautions being added to avoid legal issues.

Civilogistix’s expert assessments have produced evidence of mold exposure and the extensive damages mold and water have caused to homes and businesses. These extensive investigations draw forth a pile of evidence that we can use in your specific case. Using scientific and engineering principles, as well as our expert witnesses and consultants, we will efficiently analyze evidence recovered by our detailed field investigations and solve the root problem.

Our forensic investigations delve into the causes of water and mold damage including building structure, plumbing, environmental factors, and elevation-related issues. These investigations can include hospitals and medical facilities, public entities, courthouses, high-rise condominium buildings, apartment buildings, government facilities, and hotels. We are thorough in our assessments of water damage, as well as the indoor air protocol testing we conduct for developers and landlords. Let us help you stay safe in your own property. Reach out to us today if you need an expert damage assessment.