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Investigating Mold and Water Damage

Increased attention has been placed on mold and water damage due to the serious health risks attached. This amplified awareness has resulted in an increased amount of claims of both personal injuries and property damage against developers, contractors, and landlords. This increased rate has caused more precautions being added to avoid legal issues.

Civilogistix’s expert assessments […]

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Two Design Principles to Boost Your Development Margin

Two Design Principles to Boost Your Development Margin

Increasing the leasable square footage (SF) when all things are constant results in a direct increase to Notice of Intent (NOI). We will discuss a few quick tips to identifying these opportunities as well as maximizing your development and getting the most from it.

1. The Law of Wasted […]

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Site Selection

Site selection is a difficult craft learned through years of practice. Civil engineers are not typically well-versed in this area. You may ask, “Why are we talking about this then?” Our answer is that you can guide your civil engineer to be more efficient his/her time, resulting in reducing your timelines and saving you money!

Demographics […]

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Top 5 Conditions that Lead to Hydroplaning Accidents

Hydroplaning refers to when a car’s tires skid or slide across a wet surface, often during the first 10 minutes of light rain. The loss of control occurs when a tire encounters more water than it can disperse, so water is then pushed underneath the tire causing it to separate from the road and lose […]

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Top 5 Causes of Drainage Problems

Stormwater drainage problems are a common headache among homeowners and business owners. Preventing the issue can save you a lot of worry and money in the long run. We have seen the simplest to the most complex dilemmas and compiled a list of reoccurring topics for you to be aware of.

1. Grading
Grading is the […]

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The Basics of Forensic Engineering Methodology

Forensic engineering primarily deals with the investigation of materials, products, structures or components that are either failing or are not performing up to the standards by which they were sold. More often than not, these faulty items can lead to personal injuries or property damage. Typically, a forensic engineering investigation is conducted in order to […]

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The Drainage Danger

Although it is essential for life on Earth, water can become a serious pain when it causes significant property damage. Water is the expert at seeping into the areas of our home most vulnerable to water damage and causing the most mayhem possible. Results of this can be devastating both physically to the home and […]

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What to Do When Your Neighbor Directs Water onto Your Property

Neighbor disputes are never fun, but neither is dealing with water damage. When runoff caused by your neighbor causes property damage, such as ponding yards or flooded basements, you may have a legal issue on your hands. Be careful though, you may be in deeper than you expect.

A neighbor cannot be held responsible for damages […]

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Why Stormwater Litigation is Important

The rise of stormwater litigation cases came about in 1987 when the Clean Water Act required the Environmental Protection Agency to establish permit regulations for the discharge of stormwater. Today, most municipalities, industrial sectors, and construction activities require permits for the runoff of stormwater. When these permits are not required, or the proper regulations are […]

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10 Tips to Reduce Drainage Problems

1. Minimize Impervious Area
Impervious area includes constructed surfaces such as roads, sidewalks, and roofs which are impenetrable to water. The more impervious surfaces, the more runoff that is generated. There are, however, several alternatives to impervious surfaces such as pervious pavers, grass pavers, gravel and permeable concrete which will reduce runoff and mitigate existing […]

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